I have a question about - The pre-departure briefing

Yes, according to Belgian legislation you can combine two employment contracts simultaneously.

We even recommend staying under a contract with your current employer as long as possible because the administrative procedures for obtaining a work permit in the country of assignment can be lengthy. So, you can only be 100 % sure of the date of your departure when you have received the ‘fiat’ of the country.

For you to attend the 2-week pre-departure briefing on a full-time basis, we advise you to take (paid or unpaid) leave with your employer for that term.

Yes, because at the time of the briefing, you are under an employment contract with Enabel.

Departure to the field is at the earliest on the first day of the month following the end of the pre-departure briefing.
The exact date of departure depends on the needs in the field, the time needed for administrative procedures (visa request…) and your period of notice. Because of these factors departure can sometimes take place one or two months after the pre-departure briefing ends.

No, the jobs offered by the Junior Programme are to be taken on within three months after the pre-departure briefing.
When you apply for a job, you actually commit to liberating for the briefing and for the departure period set in the job description.

In case of doubt, you can contact the Junior Programme Project Officer mentioned in the specific job description before applying.

Yes, these costs are borne by us. Keep in mind that we prefer that the most ecological and least expensive means of transportation are used.
We will contact you once you have been chosen by the project team in the field.