I have a question about - The departure to the field

An average of 40 new Junior Experts are sent to the field every year. Everything depends of the demands and the needs of the field, but also of the number of Junior Experts in the field that extend their contract.

Of course, but the Junior Programme takes no responsibility for the presence of the partner or of relatives in the field. More specifically, this means that we do not intervene in any way for booking a flight ticket, getting visa, school costs, hospitalisation or repatriation for the partner and/or children. In addition, the travel service orders only a flight ticket for the Junior Expert. However, at a special rate they can subscribe to the coverage provided by the insurance of Enabel. 

Yet, the Junior Programme does intervene for the family allowance for children of the family that are present in the field.

There is nothing against this, but in reality there is very little chance of achieving this. It is unlikely that you can simultaneously be selected for a suited job to both profiles in the same place of assignment.

However, each of you can apply while indicating whom to put first in case both of you would be shortlisted for jobs in different places of assignment.