I have a question about - The admission criteria

A professional bachelor (formerly dispensed by so-called higher education instances of the short type) is a direct ticket to a specific profession, unlike an academic bachelor's degree (ABA), which simply provides access to an academic master’s and not to a profession. The PBA programme consists of minimum 180 credits.

If you are in doubt about what kind of degree you hold, please inform with your institution of learning.

Yes, you can apply if you have indeed finished your studies with success and are just waiting for the official diploma. In that case, we accept a proof of successful completion delivered by your learning institution.

In order to apply, you must

  • Hold Belgian nationality, or
  • Be a citizen of a Member State of the European Union or the Swiss Confederation.

Candidates whose nationality is not listed above are automatically excluded.

Your application will not be taken into consideration. Indeed, you may not be 31 on the last day of publication of job openings.

For instance, if job openings are published from 27 May to 5 June and your 31st anniversary is on 30 May, you cannot apply.
If, however, your 31st anniversary is on 6 June, you can apply for a last time.