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Since the Programme was launched in 2006, 593 young graduates have used this opportunity. The young people who are recruited need no prior experience in the field to work in a development cooperation project.

The Junior Programme recruits young professionals through a rigorous selection procedure and assigns them to 13 countries in Africa and to Palestine. Thus, the Junior Programme aims to contribute to the development of a new generation of young people who, following their Junior Expert experience, will commit both in the North and the South to the Sustainable Development Goals.

During their field experience the focus is on developing competences, on innovation, on contact with the local reality and on networking. This way, young experts can professionally contribute to the project/programme to which they are assigned; and at the same time, they acquire the necessary competences and expertise to actively contribute to the SDGs, also beyond the Programme.

The young people work at least 1 and at most 2 years in a project of Enabel or of one of NGOs that are affiliated with the Junior Programme.

The Programme accepts young people aged 30 at most, who are European nationals, who have a master’s or professional bachelor’s degree and who master French or Dutch (the selection takes place in French or Dutch).

Our partnership with non-governmental actors grows each year. In 2019, Autre Terre, Kiyo and Memisa joined us. And Echos Communication in 2020. To date, we have 27 non-governmental actors (NGAs) partnering with the Junior Program. Our partners host Junior Experts in their projects, with the exception of Acodev and NGO-Federatie, the representatives of the NGAs.

You will find an overview of the different organizations in the summary table with the link to their respective websites.



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Karen Morice




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Pauline Bourtembourg
Project Officer

Follow-up in next partner countries :
Sénégal, Guinée, Bénin, Burkina Faso, Niger,
Mali, Palestinian Territories, Mozambique

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Maureen Debruyne
Project Officer

Follow-up in these partner countries:
Burundi, DR Congo, Morocco, Rwanda, 
Tanzania, Uganda 

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Pascale Trojan



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Anne-Elisabeth Vieron
Selection & Briefing



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The Junior Programme sometimes has internship possibilities on specific subjects in our Brussels office.

As our interns need to be able to work in Dutch and/or French, please see our French or Dutch pages 'stages' for more information on our current offers for interns.