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Adapted Selection calendar

The selection calendar for the new job openings for Junior Experts has been updated. Please find it in Upcoming events,

A la découverte du secteur non-marchand et de l'économie sociale

Pauline, Project Officer au Programme Junior sera dès 18h30 à l'Auditoire Montesquieu à LLN.
Présentation du nouveau Programme dans le cadre de la soirée 'travailler dans le secteur du non-marchand et de l'économie sociale"
Bienvenue à tous !


500 young talents already make the difference: what's next?

They are young, curious and competent. They bring a whole new energy into the projects of the Belgian development cooperation, by asking questions 'out of the box', by offering a new vision.

Publication jobs postponed

We will inform you in the second half of April about the state of affairs and the adapted selection calendar.

Les journées de l'Industrie à LLN

Ce mercredi 7 mars 2018, nous sommes présents à LLN pour les journées de l'Industrie organisée par le CCII.

They are ready to go

23 new Junior Experts followed a 12 days-briefing in February to prepare them to their new working environment, living conditions, health aspects…  As from begin of March on they will fly out to Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso ...

Tussentijdse evaluatie

Mid-term review

The year’s end is always a good time to reflect on the past year. This also goes for the Junior Programme who celebrated their 10th birthday in 2016 but also finalized their mid-term review in the fall.

The consultants of South Research state in their main conclusions that the JP can present many good results and solid performances, with some recommendations for the future.

Junior Experts contribute to the SDGs

Discover the new webpage with 17 Junior Experts' stories and contributions to the Sustainable development goals.

Junior Programme 10th Anniversary

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Junior Programme with a debate "Young professionals as partners for the sustainable development goals". Watch the debate online.

Wednesday 16 November live stream debate 14.00-17.30

"Young Professionals as partners for the SDG's"
On the ocassion of the Junior Programme's 10th anniversary - Conference Center Enabel, Brussels


September 15-30th: 22 new Junior Experts in briefing

A new group of Junior Experts is for 2 weeks in briefing @ Enabel HQ Brussels before leaving to Enabel and NGO projects in Vietnam (VVOB), Burkina Faso (IDP), Guinea (Trias), Senegal (Enabel & ADG), Benin (Enabel & PROTOS), Morocco, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania (Trias), Bolivia (Enabel & HI) and Peru !