How Junior Experts contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
Discover their stories

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Junior Programme organized a debate on “Young professionals as partners for the sustainable development goals”. We are proud to present you 17 stories of current and former Junior Experts. In short biographies and videos they tell us how they contributed during their work as Junior Expert and still contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Indeed, for many of them, the Junior Programme was a stepping stone for a future career in this domain.

Discover these passionate young professionals and their contributions to the 17 SDGs on our webpage. Click on the SDG you want to discover and read/listen to the stories of our Junior Experts. In SDG 17, you find next to the Junior Programme contribution to the SDG’s, the link to the recording of the debate “Young professionals as partners for the sustainable development goals”. The debate took place in Brussels on November 16th on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the first Junior Expert departure to the field. This way, those who could not assist, still have the opportunity to watch the debate.

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